Wednesday, April 30, 2014



8x8 oil, unframed, palette knife
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I am thinking boats, harbors, lobstermen, fishermen, fish markets, waves
my summer trip to Maine

This painting is textural with thick paint layered on with a palette knife.
It is suitable for framing and looks best in a floater frame
but you can also display this on a beautiful tabletop easel

Sunday, April 27, 2014

ON MY WAY...motoring out


On My Way
12x12 oil on gessobord
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There are definitely many sides of me in many areas
palette knife and brush
 desert, Europe, flowers, street scenes, buildings, architecture
still life, landscape, seascape, interiors
impresionistic, alla prima
studio artist and plein air artist

I cannot be put in a box in terms of subject matter
The world is too full of magnificent beauty

So paint I must
travel I must

Two more trip in 2014
two weeks each
Maine and France

Monday, April 21, 2014



8X8 oil on gessobord
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You may wonder about the title but if you are an art aficionado, you need read no further.  Starting in the 19th century, Cape Ann, which includes Rockport, Gloucester and other quaint towns, has been host to many of the very best, most celebrated artists in America.  A few of those include the great Winslow Homer; impressionists Childe Hassam and John H. Twachtman; and modernists Edward Hopper and Marsden Hartley.

Perhaps the best symbol of the legacy created by the migration of artists might be the small red lobstermen's shack located at the end of a wharf in Rockport, built around the time of the Civil War.  I painted the "shack" as it looks today, but in the 19th century only the right end comprised the building.

In the early 1930's, while critiquing a group of students' paintings, several of which featured the little red shack, Lester Hornby, using a term often employed by French students to describe frequently painted sites,  exclaimed, "What---Motif No.1  again!"  His fateful words stuck and since then the little red shack has been referred to as "Motif No. 1"

Seascapes are very appealing to me and recently I have painted several.  I will soon post them here. Many more will come as I count down the months until I can spend two weeks in coastal Maine, Andrew Wyeth country.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

I am proud of this painting: VENTURA HARBOR I


12x12 oil on gessobord
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I love coastal living but here I am in
the beautiful desert of
New Mexico

Within one month I have attended two workshops: one with Leslie Saeta and the other with Dreama Tolle Perry.  Their style of painting couldn't be much different, yet I love them both, style and subject matter.

I painted "VENTURA HARBOR I" with Leslie, en plein air, palette knife only.  We were set up so that the sun was not a bother.  Leslie uses a limited palette of five colors plus white:  Cad Yellow Med, Alizarin Crimson, Ultramarine Blue, Phthalo Green and Sap Green.  On the day we painted the ocean color didn't demand use of Phthalo Green though I have seen it used in many paintings, especially in the ocean paintings of Sorolla I recently saw in Dallas.  The colors I used to get the above ocean color were Alizarin Crimson and Ultramarine Blue (for a bit of purple), Sap Green and Cad Yellow Medium.

Yes, I am in love with harbor scenes and boats.  My Pinterest website has a board of gorgeous ship, harbor and ocean paintings.  You really should see it here.  My plan is to continue this thread of painting and I have already scheduled two weeks of painting in Maine, in Andrew Wyeth country near Rockland.

A photo of what I was seeing in Ventura Harbor
You can see I zoomed in and greatly simplified my painting.

Monday, April 14, 2014

My Mostly True Driving Solo Story....


oil on gessobord  12x9
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oil on gessobord 12x12
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oil on gessobord 12x12

These paintings were done in a wonderful workshop
with Dreama Tolle Perry


MS, LA, AND TX moved to NM

Trip miles: 9999
Number of Lost Times: 444
Hit by rubber from 18 wheeler blow-out: 1
Number of new friends: 27
Favorite towns visited: Vicksburg and Natchez
Number of New Hoppers accidentally met: 1

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

DRIVING TRIP...Going solo...yikes

Being brave
Well armed with
Technology and 

Before the temperatures get too high in the southeast I am going for a "look see". About three weeks ago I put this sign in my studio.

I was stressed by the "musts" of a blog, website, Facebook, Daily Paintworks, keeping records and more. Just to sell? To find success? Was it recognition I was chasing?

That was just nuts and I realized it was time to rearrange my priorities to ensure contentment, joy.  It was time to be more in harmony with my spiritual essence, to trust.  What I know for sure is that I love painting, taking art workshops, and seeing our country. I also know for sure that I am divinely protected and can safely go where my heart leads.

On my way to the southeast I'll stop at an occasional flea market, a view pull out, farm market stand, or have a conversation with an interesting character. I will stop and "that will make all the difference" on my "road less traveled" (Robert Frost).  Many of my roads will be two lane. My easel and paint will be easily accessible for a quick study. Camera at the ready. In Shreveport I will stop for three days for my second

In Vicksburg, I will visit the Civil War Military Museum. My husband's great-grandfather was a POW here in the Civil War.  I'll follow the Natchez Trace to Natchez.  And in Natchez there are antebellum mansions I won't miss. No ropes in front of the china cabinet or canopy bed will keep me out.  I will return through Dallas so that I can see the Joaquin Sollora exhibit.

Listening to my intuition

 this solo driving trip may take me further on. Where to next? 
I have the most supportive husband telling me to go where my heart leads while he mans the home front and listens for all my phone calls and text messages all the while taking care of his "honey-do" list.

I hope you will follow me on this journey, leaving very soon, which is much more than a drive.  Comment below with your suggestions for my driving trip in the southeast.