Wednesday, April 2, 2014

DRIVING TRIP...Going solo...yikes

Being brave
Well armed with
Technology and 

Before the temperatures get too high in the southeast I am going for a "look see". About three weeks ago I put this sign in my studio.

I was stressed by the "musts" of a blog, website, Facebook, Daily Paintworks, keeping records and more. Just to sell? To find success? Was it recognition I was chasing?

That was just nuts and I realized it was time to rearrange my priorities to ensure contentment, joy.  It was time to be more in harmony with my spiritual essence, to trust.  What I know for sure is that I love painting, taking art workshops, and seeing our country. I also know for sure that I am divinely protected and can safely go where my heart leads.

On my way to the southeast I'll stop at an occasional flea market, a view pull out, farm market stand, or have a conversation with an interesting character. I will stop and "that will make all the difference" on my "road less traveled" (Robert Frost).  Many of my roads will be two lane. My easel and paint will be easily accessible for a quick study. Camera at the ready. In Shreveport I will stop for three days for my second

In Vicksburg, I will visit the Civil War Military Museum. My husband's great-grandfather was a POW here in the Civil War.  I'll follow the Natchez Trace to Natchez.  And in Natchez there are antebellum mansions I won't miss. No ropes in front of the china cabinet or canopy bed will keep me out.  I will return through Dallas so that I can see the Joaquin Sollora exhibit.

Listening to my intuition

 this solo driving trip may take me further on. Where to next? 
I have the most supportive husband telling me to go where my heart leads while he mans the home front and listens for all my phone calls and text messages all the while taking care of his "honey-do" list.

I hope you will follow me on this journey, leaving very soon, which is much more than a drive.  Comment below with your suggestions for my driving trip in the southeast.


  1. I was all confused for a second. I thought "I thought she was going to Maine". OH! A workshop!!! I looked at her website and entertained the thought of joining in...I've never been to Louisiana. BUT, the workshop is FULL. Bummer.

    YOU have a blast!!! And be safe. And show us what you learned and painted. xo

  2. Maine is next July. How I wish you could join me in Dreama's workshop. I would love to meet you! Someday?

  3. Can't wait to see your posts along the way!

    1. Hi Donna: It has been raining cats and dogs on my drive east. Three times today my phone went off with a severe weather alert. I am here in Shreveport now for the workshop so there is still opportunity to get photos and posts of my travels.

  4. What a blast Carol! Yes be safe, but enjoy! Can't wait to see glimpses along the way (or after).
    Look .. up there just ahead... what is that? Adventure!!

  5. I felt the same way, Carol! Thank you so much for sharing. I made a sign for myself as well.

    1. I hope your sign works well for you too. I haven't wavered from the moment I put it up. I really seemed to have arrived and DONE with all that was making art not fun. Keep in touch with me on your art journey.

  6. Oh, I'll be tuned in to find out what you are doing! I so agree with making your own goals and not feeling pressured to do things exactly as others are doing. It is a good thing that you recognized issues and decided to put on the brakes. Have a wonderful trip. Is the Soltek easel new? I want one. :)

  7. Oh, can I relate, just going through that myself...a blog, Facebook, a website, DailyPaintworks...and then I realized...I need a method to the madness, and lo and behold a website came to me, It may not be all the art stuff that's draining us, but, all the other stuff. By the way, I'm seriously considering getting off of DPW...just not the traffic for me, I do better with Facebook and my website. But that's just me.

  8. I am not selling on DPW either. I guess if you start the auction at $2, it might work. But I am not going to do that. I love to paint and paint for ME! When friends or relatives like a painting I try to find a way to gift them with one. The gallery scene hasn't worked for me either. I will look into this website you mentioned. Very interesting.


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