Sunday, August 17, 2014

Cove's Edge, Maine


8x8, unframed oil on gessobord
plein air painting
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For two glorious weeks I rented a cottage in Cushing, Maine.
This was my view from the lawn of the cottage
I found it glorious and painted on the property several times.
Floating in the water is Rockweed
at low tide
 one can clearly see is attached to the rocks.

Cushing Peninsula is the peninsula on which the Olson House is located
that very site of Andrew Wyeth's most famous painting

Across this cove from my cottage and this painting
is the home of Andrew of his homes

  Andrew died in 2009
and is buried in the Olson family cemetery.
Why did he choose this spot?
No one knows for sure but we can say for sure
he loved and painted the Olson House
and its occupants
 for many many summers.
Andrew's gravestone
exactly as he years previously had pictured it
as Christina's stone!!!!

Christina and her brother Alvaro Olson's gravestone.
The two siblings died within mere weeks of one another
in different years

The Olson House
Cushing, Maine


  1. Love the fresh color and distinct values. Such a treat to see the stones (I love cemeteries). You are so lucky to be there!

    1. My hope is that we meet someday. We'll haunt some cemeteries as there is so much interesting history to be found there. Just fascinating.

  2. I can feel the fresh dampness of the air. Lucky you to stay put in a beautiful place and paint to your heart's content! That's the kind of vacation I dream about.

    1. I got such benefit from nearly daily plein air painting. I have always felt I wasn't good at it, but found practice has its rewards.

  3. I could sit in your painting for hours and watch the water.

    Andrew Wyeth...his art...that stone...that house...special! When I was in NM with Julie, I really enjoyed looking at one of her Andrew Wyeth books. There was one in particular with the Olson house in the background and a cow standing against the wall. I loved it. Made me want to paint a cow.

    1. I was in an almost altered state of mind surrounded by Wyeths at every turn. I understood the family and then I didn't. Andrew being buried in the Olson family plot?????? Andrew's wife is still alive and I was told she probably will not be buried there.

  4. Just beautiful! I want to go next year!

    1. Maybe we can be there at the same time. I hope to take a workshop from when he gets one set up. It will be in the midcoast region of Maine, which is my favorite part.


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