Monday, February 10, 2014

Flower Shop II

Flower Shop II, Framed
5x7 oil on canvas covered board
Available Soon
5x7. oil on canvas covered board, frame has a mahogany finish.

I have painted flowers for years so after a recent trip to Norway where there were flower shops on nearly every block, walkway, street corner, all transportation stations and malls, I couldn't wait to paint flowers in flower shop settings.  See the series on

I have been asked by the curator of the New Mexico Cancer Center Art Gallery (Gallery with a Cause) to include my flower shop series and my cupcake/dessert series in the upcoming spring show.   Very soon I will be able to provide a link for purchase of the paintings.  Purchase of these paintings assists cancer patients with medical bills.

One more note:  Due to multiple problems I no longer use Google + as so many of you had trouble following me or commenting on my blog.  Join Friend Connect, or sign up by email, and especially comment below on my paintings.   I want to hear from you.  And if you are still having trouble, let me know!

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