Monday, February 24, 2014


Encaustic Mixed Media 16x16
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This is one of my favorite Encaustic paintings which continued to be be developed as more mixed media elements were added to it. The Yellow Rose is from an oil painting I had done earlier and then printed the image on silk organza. It didn't show up enough so I incised the wax around some of the petals. Because I am temporarily reducing the number of hours spent in daily painting and playing more, I am finding delight in sharing my previously almost-hidden Encaustic Paintings.  My next blog will mention some movies I am seeing...catching up there too.

(noun) - Encaustic (which also goes by "hot wax painting") is an ancient technique. The artist heats beeswax to the liquid stage, then mixes in pigmentation. The resulting medium is applied to a surface (typically wood). After the artist has everything "just so", heat is applied to the whole business, which results in a fusion of colored wax and wood. (Yea, verily -- they become as extremely durable one, at that.)
Before the wax cools, an artist can do all sorts of things to his or her encaustic piece. Metal tools or special brushes can shape and/or texture the substance (layers of which can be anywhere from thin to relief-map thick). One may even affix objects (such as coat hangers, or light bulbs) into the wax. Additionally, an encaustic can be polished to a final sheen, or reworked (through use of heat, again) as much as necessary until the artist is satisfied.
The earliest and best-known examples of encaustic are the Fayum mummy portraits from Egypt (ca. 100-300). The ancient Greeks often used this technique for mural painting, but today encaustic is mostly confined to easel painting.  (copied from About.comArtHistory)
My encaustic teacher has become a dear friend of mine though I have not seen her since I studied with her. She's my Encaustic sister-in-art, works too hard, can't stop herself, but is a Master in all that she does.  Visit Helen DeRamus.


  1. Thanks for the mention Carol. I truly love what you are doing with encaustic as well as your other paintings.

  2. Lovely and dreamy! I am glad to hear that you decided to play and have fun. Yes, I am rebelling against the idea of daily painting too!

    1. Great! Meet me on the beach in CA in three weeks.

    2. I wish. We are going to Minnesota in April to visit with relatives. Not exactly California, but I will be taking some time off!

  3. Carol this is so pretty. It is so warm, and oh I love it. Thanks for sharing Helen's work, really enjoyed visiting her site. Hey, where in CA? I missed that I guess. I am sure I will see it in your blog... Happy day to you :)


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