Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Frayssinet, France Village Scene

Ten days painting in France has been a dream come true...a long-time desire I may be able to cross off my bucket list.  Every oil painting completed in France was done in plein air (fresh air).  Without my easel umbrella (which I sorely missed) I got a lovely tan.  Additionally many people stopped along the roads where I painted to tell me how beautiful my paintings were.  I felt so encouraged as most of you know I am a creature of comfort and love being near a refrigerator, computer, and away from the constantly moving sun.  I gave myself two hours to complete a painting....didn't always work, so by the time three hours passed, I had a different light.  Fortunately I knew early on to establish my light and shade so usually I was fine.  

DreamaTollePerry and her husband Ron set up this "Paint France with Dreama" event, not a workshop, but still held many opportunities to learn.  We visited many quaint towns and I have hundreds of awesome photographs, enough to last me quite a while.
Plein Air Painting
8x8 oil on gessobord
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  1. So beautiful Carol. Love your sky, and the warmth throughout :)

    1. Thanks Sheila. I am still living and thinking France. I barely touched the surface of knowing France. I would love to go back for much longer but.....(you fill in the rest).


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