Wednesday, July 16, 2014



"Village Charm"
12x12 oil on gessobord
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Frayssinet is such a charming village
 I thought I would tell you just a bit more about this little town in which I stayed for ten days.

Just across the street plus a bit is the old medieval catholic church, which you can see it center in the photo just below and the last photo as well.
Church bells ring every hour and half hour 24/7.
It is a delightful sound, something one quickly comes to love.

The foreground of the photo below is the artists lodging, Le Vieux convent, a 17th century convent.
(Le Vieux means old)   See third photo as well.

The town is situated on a hill with the lower part of the village being the town center.
The hike to the top is strenuous but every step is scenic.

One stone building is adjacent to the next.
 Around the edges of the tiny community is farming, with fields in colorful patchwork.


  1. Great paintings Carol! Love your photos also. Looks like a trip of a life time.

  2. Hi again: I was just saying that I found a photo of this and the last post's paintings as they were at the end of the workshop. I really like where you have taken them - great colour harmony and beautiful pastels. I think it takes a lot of experience to mail those things down while painting Plein air - but when it happens, it is magical! Well done!

    1. Thanks Sharon...more plein air practice coming up in the next 15 days in Maine. I have taken seven plein air workshops and could use seven more.

  3. Carol, another good one. You really seemed to have taken the area to heart. I love seeing your photos as well. It's interesting to not that the roofs are dark red flat slate/tiles whereas ours in this area are a terracotta tubular tile.

    I live in St Paul de Vence village to the north-west of Nice, about an one and a half hours from where you were.

  4. Oh Marion, I didn't know I was so close. Are you from France originally. I must come again to your area. Honestly, I am sad to have missed you!

  5. Hi Carol, No I'm English but have also live in South Africa and Australia, in fact overall spent most time away from England for my adult life.

  6. Carol, I have been loving these glimpses you are sharing with us. What a lovely place this would be to live. I love the photo of the tree in the yard. These cottages are all so lovely, and your painting is wonderful. The lavender light is so eye catching!

  7. I love the lavender wall! What a lovely place you stayed at!


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