Monday, October 6, 2014

Painting and Website Do-Overs

Painting and Website Do-Overs

I just spent more than a week rebuilding my website with FASO 
a company I always loved but left.  
Many artists don't need as much tech help as me so going it alone, or nearly so, works well for them.

Now that heavy work week is behind me and I am happy.  
Please check it out at

Here are a four paintings with which I was not happy.
  Let me know what you think about the do-overs.

First Painting of Rural Life in France
Played too much with color
Second Painting of Rural Life in France
More accurate color representation as field wasn't ready for harvest
Cut off 3 inches;
Now a 9x12
First Painting of In the Garden
Direct sun coming through trees with no sky in view
caused light to blow out
Reworked Painting of "In the Garden"
Invented a sky and minimized tree with white blossoms
First Painting of "Renaissance Flowers"
Bottom right didn't please me
Reworked Painting of "Renaissance Flowers"
Now bottom right more clearly shows container edge
First painting of Natchez Poppies
Paint strokes seemed choppy
Reworked painting of Natchez Poppies

There is always so much to learn with painting, technology, marketing 
that sometimes I get really weary.

How do you keep up with all the change and learning?


  1. warmer colors, clean shapes and more direct statements on can you go wrong with that?! nice work on these and the new web looks fabulous!

  2. Thanks Mary. Your comments mean a lot to me as I respect you greatly as an artist.

  3. Thanks for sharing these do-overs with us Carol. I don't see anything wrong, but then to see how you made it better, it makes complete sense. Wonderful work :)

    1. Today I so appreciate your comments. I have been totally buried in technology with no time to paint. I wondered if I remembered.

  4. love the "new" paintings. You are so talented! Congratulations on the "new" website too.

  5. Thank you Celeste. I am highly critical of my art which can be very good sometimes but always unsettling.

  6. Your new website looks awesome. Hope you get lots of red dots! I have been with for over 4 years. They have the best tech support.

    1. FASO is certainly best for help #1 and they are always improving, staying on the cutting edge. Well worth the money.

  7. You are going to kill me, but I like the original states of the paintings that you reworked!

    1. Oh boy....taking a Larisa Aukon workshop this weekend...all about color, color, color! Think I need a psychedelic drug to see what she sees. You are the first to tell me you preferred the original paintings.

  8. What happened to your blog hop post? You didn't do it? Mine will be published on Monday.

    1. My sponsor not quite ready yet so neither am I. It will happen so stay tuned!


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