Thursday, October 23, 2014



I have embarked on a fun project of painting from my photos taken while I was in France in June.
I wish I could have stayed there for a month of painting! 

The countryside of France seems so unique
 rolling hills 
small quaint villages
and stone buildings 
 private gardens and ditches for irrigation

I took photos of my painting steps which I thought you might enjoy.
Village Farm, France
12x12 oil on gessobord
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Block in with think transparent colors

Adding some opaque colors to buildings and trees

More development of buildings 

Starting to develop the sky

Progressing in covering much of the block in colors especially the sky
Working on foreground field and bale

Using palette knife to give the effect of straw left in the field


  1. Beautiful painting! I really enjoyed seeing the development of the piece. Thanks for sharing this!


  2. Thanks Sharmon! I don't often remember to photograph my work in progress.

  3. Wonderful to see the development! Your work is so amazing, my's like you have been painting all your life. And your!!

    1. I have been retired from teaching for an eon already so when you think of that, my years of painting have really been adding up...sixteen already! Yikes. Thanks for your wonderful compliments.

  4. My Friend......your work is amazing. It's like you have been painting all you life. And your energy is something else. Carry on Girl!!

  5. Very interesting to see the series of photos showing how you developed the painting. I have been struggling with the blocking in stage recently, and I can see how effective your approach with thin transparent colours was here. A very pleasing final result, as well...

    1. The interesting thing is that there are so many successful artists who each has a differing block-in process. I like this process the best and when I am careful enough NOT to cover all the transparent underneath colors, the painting sings. Then just yesterday I listened to a radio show interview with Bill Davidson, an extremely successful painter. He does it all different. So I have settled on this approach and use it most of the time, even en plein air. I learned this technique from


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