Monday, October 14, 2013

Spring Garden, South Carolina SOLD

Spring Garden, South Carolina
Little Gem
6x8 oil on canvas, mounted

    Here is my favorite landscape subject: a flower garden.  When I visit South Carolina in the spring, I find it very difficult to leave.  Charleston is a town of beauty and history.

    I had trouble painting the grass as there are so many greens.  Initially my green was too cool which caused the entire painting to be almost completely cool.  I think I am happy with it now, but if you have suggestions for improvement, I would love to hear them.

   Because this Little Gem has a black painted edge, it looks great in a mahogany frame, a floater frame, or displayed on a tabletop easel.

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  1. Carol, this is a charming painting and I can see myself sitting on that grass reading a book. Your flowers are nice and loose and give just enough information.

    I would love to come and paint with you in that garden.

    The only thing that draws my eye (and it is minor) is the shadow on the tree which seems to be in a different direction than the flower shadows and takes my eye out of the painting.

    1. Thank you Marion...I will get right no that and fix it. You comment is appreciated.

  2. the grass looks a perfect color and temperature...lovely flowers too!


    1. Thank you Celeste. Grass color fight is over.


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