Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Acequia en otono SOLD

Acequia en otono
Little Gem
6x6 oil on canvas mounted
Acequia en Otono  SOLD
    "irrigation ditch in autumn"

    The colors along this ditch sing.  They are vivid, lively and joyful.  The ditch was surging with water and will continue to have water in it only until November 1st.  Then I guess it's time for the fields and streams to rest for four months of winter.

     I don't ride my bike along here as much as I like to walk.  This trail leads to the Open Space Center which has viewing platforms to watch the wintering birds without interrupting their life.  Just a few geese have arrived; no big birds yet.

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  1. I can hear the water gurgling down the ditch. A dynamic composition!

    1. There is so much hidden life along these acequias.

  2. Beautiful colors...love those slight touches of bright red. This would be a beautiful place to take walks. I like to walk every day.


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