Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Queen's Boulevard: step by step

                                                       THE QUEEN'S BOULEVARD

I am always interested in painting flowers.  For a long while I painted them up close and large.  But with the thirty day challenge of September, I painted only that which I saw in New Mexico.  Now I am considering a series of landscapes which include flower gardens.   I especially like the flower gardens in the southeastern part of the USA...South Carolina in particular.                                                      

Blocking In
After toning the canvas with a light red, I blocked in the setting using a palette knife and heavy chunks of color.

I have been defining the painting for a bit now
The Queen's Boulevard
Little Gem
oil on canvas mounted museum board
and I like the strength of the colors but am be-
ginning to see a slight change in composition
will be an improvement.

I felt by adding more sky the painting would
"open up" more.  Though years of study and knowing painting guidelines, intuition is a big part of creating a successful painting for me.  How do I feel about it?  Do I want the background trees in focus or not?

 I still see areas I want to improve as I lost the angle of the flowers on the left that had been  correctly placed in the above "defining" stage.  Tomorrow this will be finished and will be available on


  1. Carol this is going to be a lovely painting. Nice to see you are wielding the palette knife! How are you finding it?

    Just an aside, you could have stopped at the defining stage as well. That would have been a nice painting, also with a nice composition. Different and with a looser feel.

  2. My hats off to you! A beautful painting! My demo photos never turn out this well.

  3. Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing your process with us Carol!


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