Friday, January 10, 2014

Flowers in the Abstract

Flowers in the Abstract
8x6 acrylic on canvas
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"Flowers in the Abstract",  8x6, acrylic on canvas with a double mat.  It isn't often that I choose to paint with acrylics.  I am so used to painting with oil and the slow drying process that fast drying acrylic paints are a challenge for me.  But I love this painting and think I should do more like it.  The colors are very harmonious.

Many of you are wondering when I will be painting scenes from my recent trip to Norway. 
 I am still processing that trip, especially the darkness of the Arctic and the very short days. 
 I had so few hours during which time I could take photos and actually see the landscape. 
 Living in very bright New Mexico I have to rethink "light" when painting Norway. 

Below are photographs taking during the brightest daylight hours
 in Hammerfest (the northernmost town in the world) 
Kirkenes located in extreme northeast Norway 
very close to the Russian border.

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