Saturday, January 25, 2014

"WINE GLASS IN BLUE", Day Twenty-five of the Thirty Paintings in Thirty Day Challenge

Wine Glass in Blue
8x6 oil on museum quality canvas
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 "Wine Glass in Blue", unframed, 8x6, oil on museum quality board.

This was a fun painting; it reminded me of the Dutch Painter Vermeer as often he included a wine glass with his figures, though I am sure Vermeer had a devilish look in his eyes as the wine had a seductive purpose.   Well, I am no Vermeer so my work is 100% different.

This painting was done using both a palette knife and a brush.  I love the reflection in the glass as well as on the wall behind.


  1. BLUE-TEE-FUL! Great job on the reflections! I agree!

    1. But I missed the wine as Marion points out. Still working on composition before the paints even come out!

  2. Very effective Carol. Where's the wine?!

    1. Dabnabbit….how could I have forgotten the wine? OK….I have to redo this.


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