Sunday, August 18, 2013


NORWAY...a trip of a lifetime.  This trip was pretty fast paced and there wasn't time to paint even with water color.  There was time for quick sketches and plenty of photographs.

Norway promotes a trip called "Norway in a Nutshell".  I wasn't on that trip, only a portion of it.  This valley is looking back toward Flam;  river and waterfalls are at their peak.

This is a Little Gem, only 6x8 oil on canvas mounted on board, framed and can be purchased through the New Mexico Cancer Center by clicking on Little Gem.

It is so much fun to take liberties with one's painting.  I pushed color and of course did my best to paint with loose strong strokes.



  1. You were very successful with taking this beyond the photo. I love your color and brush marks. A beautiful painting.

  2. Thank you Julie. Your comments mean a lot to me.


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