Friday, August 16, 2013

Painter's Journey

"Turquoise Potting Bench"  6x8 oil on canvas, mounted

Since 1998 I have been on my journey as a painter.  It is been fun, intense, stressful, happy, disgusting, laughable, but always full of opportunity.  Now the journey has taken a new and exciting turn that involves both painting and the Internet.

Painting daily, or almost daily, is my goal.  Posting on my website ( and, blogging on  and interacting on have also become part of being an artist in the Twenty-First century.  Technology cannot be avoided but is always second to painting.  

Having fun is one of the top priorities and painting "Little Gems" is very enjoyable.  I am using a palette knife more and intense color more.  My work is more Impressionistic.

I hope you will sign up to follow me on my journey!

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