Friday, August 30, 2013


Snow Melt
6x6 oil on canvas mounted
Just one more day before I begin theThirty Paintings in Thirty Days challenge arranged by Leslie Saeta.  I will be painting "New Mexico Landscape and Architecture" for thirty days temporarily leaving painting Norway.  Sign up by email on my blog to receive my daily painting and to enter a raffle to win one of those thirty paintings given out on October 1.

An interesting tidbit about SNOW MELT (available for auction); located in Norway, Stalheim literally means "home of the horses", so named because of the awful hairpin curves on the narrow road to Stalheim.  Here the horses were rested before continuing on their journey.  Riders walked beside their horses getting to this location due to the steepness of the road.  Thankfully in the 1970's oil was discovered in the North Sea providing Norway with the funds to build roads in the fjord area.

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