Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Day Twenty Five: "Santa Fe Adobe VI"

Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days, five days to go and I haven't faltered.  I had a few wipe-outs and had to double my efforts in the following days.

I took this photo in early spring in Santa Fe several years ago.  I didn't know how to paint it back then.  Years of regular painting and growth in my abilities had to happen first.  I'm not there yet; I know that. So even after the thirty day challenge is over I will continue to paint most days, not everyday.  I'll blog too, but not every day.  Time to kick back a little tiny bit, take some workshops and travel more.

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Santa Fe Adobe in Spring
Little Gem
6x8 oil on museum board


  1. I guess I just need ... only 7 little adobe homes. One for each day of the week, and each with a different color on the gate! That way i will know what day it is, by the color of the house I am living in that day!I love your light and shadows Carol!

  2. Well, let me think. We could turn each little adobe home into a 3-D Christmas tree ornament...need a wood carver...or a potter piece....need a potter...tiles perhaps? Well, I like the paintings best so I'll keep painting. It is a passion....I hope not an addiction.


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