Saturday, September 28, 2013

Day Twenty-Eight: In Pink

In PInk
Little Gem
6x8 oil on museum board
Love painting...even every day.   Most of the time it is relaxing but today I really put effort into following Julie Ford Oliver's fracturing technique and painting was a struggle.  I am not sure this is finished or how successful I was with the fracturing.

I have painted many, many flowers in my career but this month of the challenge I concentrated on NM.  Hibiscus do well here too!

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  1. Good composiition, good drawing, good color combinations, etc. I think it is a winner!

  2. A winner? I am not at all good at Julie Ford Oliver's fracturing technique. I am taking her workshop in December and I have her little video. Fracturing is a wonderful way to keep FROM being too tight!

  3. I have not seen her work, but I think yo have been successful. Lots of chunky colors here. Wonderful!

  4. Hi Carol - I am with Kim on this one - its a winner! The color harmony is beautiful too.
    AND...thanks for the neat comment.

  5. Now that is a huge compliment. I won't beat on my fracturing arm quite so much!


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