Friday, September 27, 2013

Day Twenty-Seven "Sunflower Field" SOLD

Sunflower Field
Little Gem
6x8 oil on museum board

The sunflowers have put out a lot of seed for the geese we expect to arrive very soon from the north.  Many of the sunflowers are wild, but this is field very near the Alemada Wetland I painted earlier so I think it was probably planted for the birds and wildlife.

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Wind on the bike trail today; I am struggling.  Head down, body near prone, forearms and hands crisscrossed on handle bars.  I have seen every kind of bicyclist or runner with a protective baby or dog stroller, but I have to buck this wind on my own.  Now what is this contraption coming down the trail?  A what?  An ELF?  Yes, that is my bike parked while SHE rides free out of the wind.  And if that is too tough, SHE turns on the solar driven motor for some or all assist to pedaling.  What will I next find on this bike trail?

ELF  for Electric, Light, Fun


  1. Beautiful color harmony with the yellow and green and I love the rust color dancing its way through the painting.

    1. I appreciate every single word you have ever written about my paintings...even when I later see they need improvement. Today this painting was chosen as one of the "Pick of the Day" paintings on DPW

  2. hahaha! that ELF thing is cheating!
    oooo Congratulations on being Pick of the Day on DPW--I can see why! Lovely happy sunny!

  3. ELF is cheating; three wheels too! I am big time excited about being "pick of the day" on DPW; just like a child with a mint chocolate candy bar that my dad couldn't afford.


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