Monday, September 30, 2013

Day Thirty: Corrales Church

In thanksgiving to all of you, I have posted a church today.  I am thankful for your support.    The Corrales Church is solid adobe, the walls probably are two feet thick.  It is cool in the summer and warms up in the winter.  I love the light and shadow on the church.

STAYED TUNED as tomorrow is the drawing for the free Little Gem...the winner chooses!

Please stay tuned to my blog as I am a daily painter and will continue to post a couple times a week.  You will definitely want to hear and see Norway at Christmas time...coming to you from the Arctic Region, the Russian and Swedish borders.  

THANK YOU Leslie Saeta for setting up the challenge!

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Corrales Church
Little Gem 6x8
oil on museum board


  1. I love old churches and many times I have thought about photographing the many old ones here in Wichita and then painting them. Your painting is just lovely. I love the sunflower field painting too in the previous posts. The colors are incredible. Congratulations on completing the challenge. I would have probably quit on day three.

  2. This little gem is just sparkling with light and color.
    Congratulations on surviving the challenge and doing such good paintings under the pressure of every day. I know it could not have always been easy so pat yourself on the back.

  3. Carol I love this! I love churches and missions. I have always wanted to follow the mission trail here in So. Cal. and take photos, so I could later do paintings. It would likely take a few weeks, with traffic and waiting for he best lighting. But it remains on my list. Your post for yesterday is gorgeous too! Love your work Carol!

  4. What? Only a couple of times a week from now on! Are you feeling a little burned out? Lol. It was great to get to know you. We will keep in touch through our blogs!


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