Friday, September 6, 2013


Desert Plants in Bloom III
Little Gem
6x8, oil on canvas mounted
Day Six of the Thirty Day Challenge...

Another day on the bike trail soon after the sun was up.  There was more moisture in the air as it rained a tiny bit last night so I saw a rainbow in the sky during my ride.  Hot air balloons were up too with one silhouetted against the rainbow.  What a sight that was!

Today I rode in a different direction and found many more blooming desert plants at an inner city plant and wildlife preserve.  Living so near the Rio Grande and the bike trail is a blessing.

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  1. Who says there is no beauty is the desert? ( My Mother for one) haha Gorgeous!

  2. I agree with you. Your mother might want to join me on my bike ride. When everything turns brown in the winter, I wonder if I will be as willing to paint the desert. We'll see. I am going to look into painting Norway over Christmas break when it is mostly dark...only twilight a few hours a day. Maybe I will only take black and white...perhaps a yellow.


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